After her first disastrous year in graduate school, Jessica James returns home from the big city to the backwaters of Montana for a summer job at an historic railroad lodge in spectacular Glacier Park.  After her cousin dies in a gruesome accident at the lumber mill, Jessica is pulled into a fight against the corruption and greed ignited by the oil frenzy on the Montana plains. Her roommate, Kimi RedFox is determined to stop powerful Knight Industries, headed by Cheneyesque billionaire Richard Knight, from drilling oil on the Blackfoot Indian Reservation.  “Kimi” means “secret” in Blackfoot, and the reticent Kimi keeps hers until it’s almost too late.  Will Jessica and Kimi quit sparring long enough to team up and expose sex trafficking, prostitution rings, and murder schemes involving some of the biggest frackers in the country?  Or, will they become the murder’s next victims?

 Praise for COYOTE

"A splendid mystery...Fans of Sophie Littlefield, Deborah Coonts, and Nevada Barr have something to celebrate. Jessica James is a new American original." Jason Miller

"An extraorindary feat....Jessica James is a great modern hero....Coyote is a fun, entertaining thrill ride."

     Samuel Marquis

"The novel moves along at a good clip...and this working class protagonist will undoubtedly appeal to readers." BookLife Prize for Fiction

Kelly Oliver

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​​​Former Montana cowgirl Jessica James is sleeping on a desk in the attic at the Philosophy Department at Northwestern University in the Chicago suburbs. She blames her advisor, Professor Wolfgang “Wolf” Schumtzig, “Preeminent Philosopher and World Class Dick-Head.”  When he’s found dead in his office, her real education begins. Dmitry Durchenko, is trying to live a normal life as a janitor at Northwestern’s Philosophy Department. Twenty years ago, he escaped Russia with his life and part of his mafia boss father’s fortune.  When the fortune, including a famous Kandinsky, goes missing, he realizes everything changes, but nothing disappears. Together, the brooding Russian and the cowgirl philosopher learn that sometimes virtue is just the flip side of vice.  

Praise for WOLF

“Exquisitely not put downable!" Tracy Whiting

"A sparkling and wise debut novel." Charles Salzburg

"A suspenseful, well-paced debut." Debra Goldstein

"Intriguing, authentic, and genuinely amusing suspense yarn." Samuel Marquis

"Fast paced and full of fascinating characters...Jessica is a herione readers will root for." BookLife Prize for Fiction

Wilkie Collins

Dowager Rachel Innes becomes embroiled in a series of strange crimes at her summer beach house. The Circular Staircase was Mary Roberts Rinehart's first best seller. 

Classics Featuring Strong Women

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An affiar of the heart leads young drawing master, Walter Hartright headlong into the msytery of the woman in white. Wilkie Collins' most popular novel. 

Mary Roberts Rinehart

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